MS Dhoni- One man, a Million Dreams

1.3 billion people sat with bated breaths on the afternoon of 9th July,2019. The rain ceased to be our biggest enemy, resulting in the match getting halted and India’s batting was lined up for 10th July, 2019.

“Mahendra Singh Dhoni” isn’t just a name. It’s a feeling which keeps the fans alive. Being a resident of Jharkhand I have always looked up to him knowing that he was an epitome of a personification which no one can comprehend. He is simple for all the common people like us showing that ‘Yes! Dreams can become reality’ and he has proved it from time and again when he brought home two consecutive world cups one being T20 and the other being one day 50 overs.

In a country where cricket is worshipped, people pan India took leaves just for that one semi-final.

When the batting lineup of India collapsed right in the beginning, people did not lose hope. All everyone said was “Mahi hai na”.

When Dhoni descended on the ground, everyone cheered the loudest. 1.3 billion hopes were pinned on that one person. 1.3 billion people prayed for that one person. Somewhere we all knew that this was the only person who could guide us to that world cup.

People trolled him, mocked him, questioned his skills. But never did once Dhoni retaliate. People asked him to hang up his boots. But the same people were the ones who were rooting for Dhoni, because they knew that what that man could do, none could ever do.

That run out might have left us heartbroken but little did we realise that the same left you Dhoni in a bundle of tears. To the entire world, you have always been captain cool. But we fail to realise that you are also human. Emotions may sometimes take a toll on you too.

Today we feel sad on losing that berth for the finals. But more than that, we also feel sad about the fact that we could never give you the gift you deserved fully. We grew up watching you, clinching trophies one after the other.

Somewhere we know that in future we might claim the World Cup. But we know that we can never offer you the biggest reward for all that you have done for our country.
Whenever you are on the field batting you have always taken India home. It’s not just you who is on the field but it’s the whole country who is behind you shouting “Dhoni hai to Mumkin hai”.
All I want to say is that thank you for being an inspiration to whom a child could look up to.
Thank you for carrying the weight of the country on your shoulders even when people criticised you.

We don’t know how long will we gain from your services for the country. But we sincerely hope that you give us a chance this time and stay back for our sake for the 2020 t20 World Cup. Please give us a chance to lift you up on our shoulders. For one last time, please do not leave Mahi.

Yours truly,
A proud MSDian

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