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Spiderman Far From Home Review

Marvel Cinematic Universe is something which has always appealed to millennials ever since it’s inception all of it started by one single man Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron man, who would have thought that a studio which started around a guy who used a suit made of iron to escape from his captives would become one of the biggest franchise today!

A pic from Iron Man showing Tony Stark pitching the weapon “Jericho”(Source:Google)

And now after the heartbreak which Avengers Endgame gave us, Marvel released another movie based on Spiderman, titled- Far From home.

(Disclaimer: Heavy Spoilers Ahead)

If you think you were shocked by the incidents of Avengers Endgame then you have another thing coming in the form of Peter Parker going on a vacation. In the Ixtenco Nick Fury & Maria Hill encounter, an unknown being in the form of “Earth Elemental” & they are rescued by Quentin Beck aka “Mysterio”.

Nick Fury & Maria Hill encountering earth elemental(Source:Google)

And while Peter Parker is in Venice he is attacked by water elemental, who is then defeated by Mysterio. And after a while, Nick Fury hands over to Peter the glasses which Tony Stark has which was meant for his successor. Apparently, it turns out that it’s a special kind of device which has an inbuilt AI called E.D.I.T.H.

Peter Parker with Edith glasses(Source:Spiderman Far From Home)

Now a Big Question arises who is Mysterio? Is he a hero? Well, he might say that he is a guy from another multiverse but is he? Turns out Mysterio was never a hero. He was an Ex Stark Employee who was fired for his unstable behaviour. Peter together with MJ figures out that all the battles which Mysterio fought were just illusions & it was a setup all along after they mistakenly activate the Barf Tech which was used to project the illusions.

Meanwhile, Mysterio was planning for an attack on London, with the acquired EDITH glasses which Peter gave him but after a long decisive battle, Peter was finally able to defeat him.

Zephyr Element From Spider Man Far From Home

Now we know that when it comes to the post-credit scenes Marvel never disappoints and it certainly took us by surprise with this one! Yes, Far From Home had two post-credit scenes- one was when Mysterio Revealed Spiderman’s identity to the world!

No worries Spidey even I had the same reaction! And as for the last post-credit scene we see that two Skrulls were in place of Mariah Hill and Nick Fury, As For Nick? He was in outer space rebuilding shield!

Now for the current status, we may know that Disney and Marvel had a fallout with regards to Spiderman therefore right now all we can do is hope for best that Spiderman is back in MCU, Now Move Along as there are no Post credits for this article!

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