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Why one should watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S when they are sad?

What do you do when you are sad? Eat ice-cream? Sleep? Cry? Well, I would say take that bucket of ice-cream and watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I will tell you why but first understand what it is. Friends first hit our screens on 22 Sep’ 1994, that’s when the very first episode was aired. It is a sitcom series covering the life of six friends, co-created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

How are the characters insanely unique?

Monica Geller acted by Courtney Cox, she is a neat freak and quite bossy. We can say that she is the mom of the group.

Monica Geller || Courtney Cox

Rachel Green acted by Jennifer Aniston. She is the spoiled brat, loves shopping. Rachel moves in with Monica to start an independent life.

Rachel Green || Jennifer Aniston

Phoebe Buffay acted by Lisa Kudrow. She is the oddball of the group. Phoebe is also a professional masseuse and a layman musician with a desolate past.

Phoebe Buffay || Lisa Kudrow

Chandler Bing acted by Matthew Perry. He is the sarcastic one. Chandler has commitment issues and uses sarcasm as a defense.

Chandler Bing || Matthew Perry

Ross Geller acted by David Schwimmer, he is the nerd of the group. Ross is a paleontologist, loves dinosaurs and documentaries. Also he’s brother of Monica and high school friend of Chandler.

Ross Geller || David Schwimmer

Joey Tribbiani acted by Matt LeBlanc, he is the dumb one in the group. Joey is a struggling actor but he knows he way well with women. He is also Chandler’s roommate.

Joey Tribbiani || Matt LeBlanc

What they taught us?

Never give up on love.

This couple dated on-off throughout the series. They had there ups and downs, they secretly helped and sacrificed for each other. Once Ross left his only chance to be on TV because Rachel was going through unbearably back pain and no one was there with her. This is not it there’s more to it in the series. But whatever happened they ended up together in the end.

True friendship exist.

Joey and Chandler always stuck by each other. Chandler has always supported Joey financially and mentally for his acting career, he always believed in him. Joey was the first one to know about Chandler’s secret and he saved his secret by taking the blame on him. They had there fights but always ended up having a stronger bond.

Follow your passion and don’t be afraid of change.

Rachel was a spoiled brat when she came to Monica, running from her wedding. She started a fresh, independent life. But the beginnings are difficult, at first she used to work as a waiter in a cafe and later she followed her passion and worked with a fashion company called Ralph Lauren. The girl who couldn’t do anything without her father’s credit is now earning money on her own and living independently.

Sometimes friendship turns into love, and that’s okay.

Monica and Chandler, both of them never had a successful relationship. When Monica started dating Chandler, it was just a fling but soon they fell in love. Before that both were best friends, they shared so much. Now, many of us are afraid that if we start dating our friends then the friendship will be ruined. Well, that is not the case always.

Always be yourself.

Phoebe running weird.

Phoebe has always been the odd one in the group. And the best part is she knows it. Pheobe sings terrible, she runs weird, she has absurd beliefs, once she changed her named to “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock”, and a lot of other weird things she does. But she accepts herself and doesn’t bother about what others will think.

Use sarcasm and humour to get through hard times.

Chandler laughing at his own joke.

Chandler didn’t really had the perfect childhood. His parents were divorced and didn’t really had bonding with them. He was never so good with women, always got rejected. There was a time when he was jobless for 2-3 months. But the thing is that he never broke down, he was always laughing and making people laugh.

This is not it, there are a lot more terrible things these six people went through. If these situations would have happened in our life we would be crying in some corner. But they went through it laughing, happily with each other. Now, I know these are not real people and all of this is in a show. But when I see them the thought which comes to my mind is if they can went through such a bad time, then why can’t I?

Some fun facts about F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • Courteney Cox was originally assumed to play Rachel but she rejected it. Why? Because she liked the tough character of Monica better.
  • The fountain scene at the beginning of the show wasn’t fun to shoot. The cast members were in a sorrowful condition while they were trying to show as if they were having fun. It was shot at 4 in the early morning when it was certainly freezing. They were worn out and soaked in water as they were trying to splash around in the park.
  • The big white dog actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston. Her friend bought it for her as a good luck token on the first day of shooting FRIENDS.
  • Gunther’s first line came after 33 episodes when he said “yeah”.

Even today FRIENDS is trending on top 10 shows on Netflix. If you wanna laugh go watch it now, I bet you will enjoy it. One last question, Were Ross and Rachel on a break?

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Stranger Things Season 3 Review

Just when we thought that we have gotten over the amount of grief which the final season of Game thrones gave us, we were hit by another roller coaster of emotions in the form of the tv show “Stranger Things”

Disclaimer:Heavy Spoilers Ahead!

The season starts after a brief period of time where the season 2 left,it starts with some Russians who inventing a way to visit the upside down world which is in form of a big machine

The machine which was used to make a doorway between our world & Upside down(Source:Stranger Things Season 3)

The crew as we know (Mike,El,Dustin,Lucas,Will), have all grown up. Dustin being away from the crew for most of the period of time. We see Mike & El are dating each other which is probably the couple which most of have shipped so far!

Steve the character whom we have all come to love throughout the progress of the series is currently working in an ice cream shop which was in the Mall which had recently opened up in Hawkins. Little do our characters know that this mall is being used as a front for the research which is being done in order to open a doorway between upside down & the real world.

Steve Harrington in Stranger Things season 3

Now the main focus of this season is on the Mind Flayer as we know that it was previously the main villain of season 2 but after El defeated it & sealed off the doorway,but after the opening of the breach the body which had stuck itself to Will in season 2 comes back to consciousness after being connected to its mind and is back again.

The mind flayer from season 2(Source: Stranger Things)

It starts by controlling all the rats in Hawkins & then it starts to gain control of all the citizens living in Hawkins as it did with Will in season 2,it starts with first taking control of Billy & then it uses him to extend it’s reach.

After a brief showdown with fate Dustin,Steve & Robin discover that the mall was being used to carry the research of opening the door to upside down,& they relay that information to Hopper,Joyce & Owen who use that information to infiltrate the base of the mall & hereby succeeding in closing the breach

Now here comes main climax it shows that Hopper was standing near the machine when it exploded after Joyce turned it off, but did he really die? That’s the main question!

The season ends with El moving out with Will’s family after they say their final goodbyes,and the show ends with post-credit scene where Russians have a Demogorgan & they are researching on it hereby giving a hint that season 4 might be on it’s way.

The crew giving their final goodbyes to El & Will’s Family(Source:Stranger Things)

Besides the emotions which the show provides it follow the same pattern of the plot which it has been following since the last 2 seasons but it’s pretty good since it maintains the constant merit of a good script with a good acting cast.So If I had to rate season 3 it would be 4/5!

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