Artificial Intelligence: Invader of Human Brain

One can define Artificial Intelligence as the intelligence displayed by machines. We can say that Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science. AI emphasizes on creating machines which work like humans. It has swept the world off its imagination. The research associated with artificial intelligence is specialized. It includes a variety of traits.

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Machines Getting close to humans

Machines can behave like humans only if they have information. It was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference. Today it is an umbrella term everything from robotic process automation to actual robotics.

AI getting popular

It has gained prominence due to the increase in speed. The basic categories of AI have been STRONG Artificial Intelligence and WEAK Artificial Intelligence. The WEAK AI is designed and trained for a particular task. For example, we can think of SIRI. The STRONG AI used to produce a solution even when produced to an unfamiliar task. This has led to replacement of human beings by machines. To technocrats it sounds more convenient. But to a common man it sounds disturbing.

Artificial Intelligence A help

The benefit of Artificial Intelligence has grown over time. Man’s life has been easier on the work front. We save a-lot of time now. Helps man focus on bigger steps. Gives us a chances to enhance creativity. AI, men have widened their visions and have been able to achieve bigger and better objectives.

Complete image about AI

However, every coin has two sides and the statement can’t be changed. Similarly, AI has its own flaws as well. Its efficiency is efficiently compelling our brain to work less analytically. It is slowly making our brain more dependent and less active. Instead of thinking something ourselves, we prefer the computer to perform our desired task. And what’s more befitting is the fact that once we achieve a goal considered ‘intelligence’ at a point of time, it’s no more considered as ‘Artificial Intelligence’. So basically man has to come up with more difficult and cognitive tasks and make the computer achieve it. Which either way means, man is doubtful of his accuracy and efficiency. He is depending upon his own invention to certify him right or wrong. This literally means, ‘man is falling prey to his own invention and skills.’

Technology is continuing to enter every aspect of our lives. And we are willingly letting it in our lives because we believe it is making our lives easier. But we are bluntly ignoring the fact that it is reducing our analytical ability. In all this techno rush, we should not ignore the fact that man is the most intelligent being.Artificial Intelligence cannot in any case compete us. And nothing can outwit the intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has a great role to play in the development and marching ahead but the role should be limited to assisting man in developing, not rule the development. As dramatic it may sound, getting overthrown by something virtual is no less than an alien invasion. The only difference is, this very alien is a product of our very own brain.


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